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APC, Tinubu group hail CAN

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A pro-Bola Tinubu political support group under the aegis of City Boy Progressive Group has applauded the Christian Association of Nigeria for reconsidering its decision not to accommodate him over the controversial Muslim-Muslim ticket.

This is even as the leadership of the ruling All Progressives Congress disclosed that the apex Christian body showed maturity by making a U-turn over its earlier stance.

The development is coming five days after the APC presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, met with the leadership of CAN.

At the political roundtable, the former Lagos State governor had reassured the apex religious body that he will not run his administration on the basis of religion if elected as president.

Reacting to Wednesday’s meeting between the two parties, the Abuja Coordinator of City Boy Progressive Group, Pastor Olanrewaju Omolayo, hailed the religious organisation over its renewed position.

Omolayo disclosed that it signified that the leadership has shifted from their previous stance of not wanting anything to do with the same faith ticket.

He said, “I want to seize this opportunity to appreciate CAN for their new position concerning the political atmosphere of this country. They had a meeting with the presidential candidate some days ago and presented him with some demands of issues to tackle. It is a sign that they have shifted from their previous stance that they won’t assent to the contentious Muslim-Muslim ticket.

“I appreciate and encourage them. I am a pastor too to the glory of God and I assure you that the Asiwaju we all know is not a religious bigot. What Nigeria needs now is who can fix the country. Asiwaju fixed Lagos. I came to Lagos in 1971 and left the state in 1994. I know what it was then and what it has become now. I want to encourage Nigerians to look beyond religion in choosing our leaders. I want to praise CAN again for taking a new position to give all the presidential candidates running for 2023 a level playing field.”

Omolayo’s assessment of the situation was equally shared by APC Publicity Director, Bala Ibrahim, who also applauded CAN for showing maturity in accommodating the party’s candidate.

He stated that only an unreasonable person would consider Tinubu a religious bigot when virtually his entire household practises the Christian faith.

“Those who are agitating against Muslim-Muslim ticket are wrongly directing their anger at Tinubu. He is one person who is indiscriminate when it comes to religious standing. If he is a conservative or an extremist, he will not allow himself to stay under the same roof with a woman of different faith.

“There is nothing wrong with CAN invitation. Tinubu himself has made it very clear that he is not going to govern by religion. He also said his policies will not be influenced by religion.

“By now, we must have heard that his wife and children are Christians. Only an intolerant person can accept that reality.

“I am sure CAN has come to rescind its earlier stance and allow room for reasoning. It is good to talk, which I observe is beginning to yield result. You know politics is all about give and take. Sometimes you don’t get when you don’t ask. How you ask also matters in some cases. The ultimate aim is for you to get,” he stated.

In a related development, Director General of the group, Mercy Williams, told our correspondent that she was optimistic that Tinubu would dust his political opponents at the February 25 poll.

Williams, who stated that she veered into politics at the tender age of 10 in Lagos, said she was attracted to Tinubu because of his ideology.

She said, “I so much love his personality. Even as governor of Lagos, he seemed to have a solution to virtually every problem in the state. He has paid his mark.

“This is why I am sure the odds favour the APC candidate as evidenced in the campaign conducted by all candidates so far. I am quite confident that he will become Nigeria’s next president.”



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