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NBS report result of development efforts – Ondo govt

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The Ondo State Government has declared that the recent report by the National Bureau of Statistics that the state has the lowest poverty rate is a result of deliberate development efforts of the Governor Rotimi Akeredolu’s administration.

A survey recently conducted by the NBS, the National Social Safety-Nets Coordinating Office, the United Nations Development Programme, the United Nations Children’s Fund, and the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative disclosed that Ondo State had the lowest poverty level in the country with 27 per cent.

The figure was presented during the launch of Nigeria’s Multidimensional Poverty Index Survey in Abuja on Thursday.

According to the report, the measure used to calculate the figure was based on Multidimensional Poverty Index with five components of health, living standard, education, security, and unemployment.

The survey, which revealed that 63 per cent of persons within Nigeria — 133 million persons — were living in poverty, identified Sokoto State as having the highest poverty level among the states in the country with 91 per cent, while Ondo had the lowest with 27 per cent.

In a reaction to the report on Friday, the Chief Press Secretary to Governor Akeredolu, Mr Richard Olatunde, in a statement said the Akeredolu administration had continued to prioritise the need to lift the people of the state out of poverty.

According to him, the current administration in Ondo had programmes and policies that were tailored towards addressing the needs of the people and providing succour for even generations unborn.

The statement read, “It is clear from the measure used to calculate the figure which was based on Multidimensional Poverty Index with five components of health, living standard, education, security and unemployment, the Governor Akeredolu administration has continued to record giant strides in all these areas, thereby reducing poverty levels in the state and promoting more economic activities.

“On health, this administration inherited two Mother and Child hospitals in Akure and Ondo town, which services had already been suspended on account of backlog of debts incurred on consumables, most significantly on drugs.

“Governor Akeredolu revived services at these facilities and expanded the mother and child hospitals from just two to seven across the three senatorial districts of the state.

“Similarly, On the 6th of February, 2018, Governor Akeredolu signed into Law the Bill establishing the Ondo State Contributory Health Commission and the Ondo State Contributory Health Scheme. The ODCHC has a five bespoke health insurance products for all strata of the teeming population of Ondo State under the ODCHS cover, including the Abiyamo Maternal & Child Health Insurance Scheme.

“The Abiyamo Maternal & Child Health Insurance Scheme is a State Equity Scheme for two sets of vulnerable – pregnant women and under-five children. This programme is fully funded by the state government.

“Governor Akeredolu launched this scheme on the 3rd of December, 2019. Since the inception of the scheme, it has made provision of maternal and child care free and sustainable. It gives access to antenatal care, delivery (including Caesarean Section), post-natal care for the mother (up to 6 weeks after delivery), neonatal care (first 30 days of baby’s life) and treatment of common illnesses in children till they attain the age of five years. Beneficiaries do not pay for these services.

“The pre-qualification criterion to enjoy this scheme is the Kaadi Igbeayo (Ondo State Residency Card), which is issued to residents of Ondo State by the State Information Technology Agency. Governor Akeredolu has also ensured that the card is issued at no cost to pregnant women willing to become AMCHIS beneficiaries.

“It should also be known that the premium for AMCHIS is solely paid by the Ondo State Government and there is a state budgetary line yearly to this effect. Till date, AMCHIS has recorded over 22,500 beneficiaries (pregnant women and children below five years of age).

“As we speak, there is an ongoing construction of a modern world-class 250-bed University of Medical Sciences Teaching Hospital complexes in Akure and Ondo town respectively. This is aside the regular provision of medical equipment at the teaching hospital and Mother and Child hospitals.

“On Education, Governor Akeredolu has reconstructed over 800 public primary schools in the state with perimeter fence and modern equipment. This has increased enrollment in the public schools and encouraged parents and guardians to send their children or wards to schools with ease.

“The adequate security in the state has continued to attract investors. The hospitality business is growing in Akure, the state capital, and other parts of the state. Over the last five years, Governor Akeredolu has regularly equipped the police, Army, Navy, Civil Defence, the DSS and other security agencies in the state.

“In Ore, the Ondo-Linyi industrial hub, which has also continued to provide jobs and oil the state’s economy, is another giant leap taken by the Governor Akeredolu administration. Today, there are over eight companies including textile industry, MDF factory, HDF factory, cassava to ethanol pant, Truck assembly plant, and other investments at the industrial hub.

“Unlike before when investors drove for hours to come to Ondo State, there are three major airlines that fly Lagos-Akure-Abuja route. Undoubtedly, these have promoted investment opportunities, driven provision of employment and promote economic activities in the Sunshine State.

“At the Ondo State Internal Revenue Service where Governor Akeredolu built the first of its kind Revenue House, over 500 young graduates have been employed. This is aside the recruitment of over one thousand teachers, over 425 health workers including Consultants, Nursing officers, Staff Nurses/Midwives, Medical doctors, Pharmacists, Radiographers, among others.

“Also, the State Primary Healthcare Development Agency has recruited 804 health personnel. The UNIMEDTH wasn’t left out. Over 400 medical personnel have so far been recruited. At the Mother and Child hospital in Akure, there are 434 health workers presently working at the facility.”



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