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PUNCH Panorama: Exit plan in marriage, how necessary?

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Is there any reason for an exit plan in marriage?

Days back, a TV journalist, Morayo Afolabi-Brown, raised a suggestion that elicited varied reactions from social media users.

Afolabi-Brown, who anchors a news review show had expressed her thoughts on the need for some women to have a long term exit plan from marriage, while stating that no man was worth having a high blood pressure because of.

She said, “This thing called marriage eh? Some women need a long term exit plan. You have got to know when to move. No man is worth high BP…It is not easy but possible.”

According to the Free Dictionary, exit plan is a method or plan for extricating oneself from an undesirable situation. In this case, it is about removing oneself from an undesirable marriage.

A somewhat popular saying is that no one enters into a marriage with the expectations that it will end in divorce and that is a pointer to why many folks never make room for the possibilities of a separation or an exit plan.

Do you think exit plans are necessary in marriages of today or it’s important to go into marriage with the faith that come rain or sunshine, things will work out?

Please listen to our podcast and share your thoughts.

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