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Support learners’ interest in fashion, school tells parents

Greensprings School

The Greensprings School, Anthony campus, has appealed to parents to support their children who have an interest in fashion design.

 Speaking at the 2022 Fashion Show held at Greensprings School, Anthony campus in Lagos, The Creative Director of Qubraz Designs and Fashion Academy, Mrs Yewande Hakeem-Habeeb, told parents to support their children’s interest in developing careers in fashion design.

The theme of the fashion show was ‘High Low #DrivenByStripes’.

“Fashion design is a highly rewarding profession with a low barrier to entry; therefore, parents should encourage their children if they show interest in the fashion design profession. “

Greensprings Anthony campus’ Head of School, Mrs Magdalene Okrikri, added that the annual fashion show was organised to create opportunities for career discovery for students fascinated by the fashion industry.

She said, “At Greensprings School, aside from academics, we are keenly interested in helping our students discover their talents and make them future-ready. In line with that, one of the things we do is to identify our students who love fashion design, then we give them the opportunity to plan and execute the annual fashion show, to enable them to get first-hand experience in the art of putting together a fashion show. We believe the show will help them discover a career path, and whether they take fashion design as a major profession or side hustle in the future, the learnings from the show will be extremely useful to them.”

The school’s art and design teacher who coordinated the show, Mrs Anuoluwapo Adeyemi, also spoke about its importance, stating that the show allowed the students to express their creativity.

 “Through the show, our students learned about sketching, fabric sourcing, sewing, running a clothing line and working with models. During the show, we had five clothing lines, with 15 models each, and the event served as an avenue for our students to showcase their creativity with fashion,” she said.



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